Nate Taylor had humble beginnings watching Star Trek re-runs and sewing his own Hobbes stuffed animal toys in Anchorage, Alaska. His parents always encouraged his drawing and creativity, so he knew very early on that he wanted to become a professional artist.

Nate spent a lot of time reading newspaper comics and watching Disney animation, and he fell in love with designing characters. He got a Fine Art degree at Washington State University where he met Pat Johnson and Pat Rothfuss who both became important creative collaborators.

Nate collaborated with Johnson to create the web comic Coming Distractions which ran from 2007-2014, culminating in a Kickstarted book collection.

With Rothfuss, Nate created the maps for the Four Corners of Civilization, illustrated the two not-for-children’s books of “The Adventures of the Princess & Mr. Whiffle,” the novella “The Slow Regard of Silent Things,” a comic book for Torment: Tides of Numenera called “So Long as You Can See the Moon,” and numerous other smaller projects.

Rothfuss also introduced Nate to James Ernest of Cheapass Games to create art for games which appear in Rothfuss’ world, “Pairs” and “Tak.” With James, Nate also worked on “Button Men.”

Nate continues to work, play games, and watch movies in the Pacific Northwest along with his wife and over-sized cat.